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Chapter 129 Still Alive?

  • Immediately Sang Shixi came back and pressed me back down onto the hospital bed, “You just gave birth! Lie back down and rest right this instant!”
  • Right now, my body has been severely weakened, just that little movement made my breath run short. Being pressed back down into my bed, I looked at Sang Shixi’s face.
  • He wore a pair of glasses, rimless glasses. I once asked if he was nearsighted or farsighted, he said neither.
  • As it turned out the lens of his glasses was flat without optical correction power. Perhaps he just liked wearing glasses, or perhaps he simply prefers not to look at the world with just his own naked eyes.
  • With him always hiding his eyes behind a layer of reinforced glass, it was difficult to read what he was thinking in his heart.
  • After making sure that I wouldn’t suddenly leap off the bed, he said, “Apparently, you and Sheng Yanyan were both stranded on a mountain, and suddenly you were showing signs of premature birth, so she rushed down the mountain to get help for you, but tripped herself and fell. Fortunately, a stranger picked her up and sent her to the hospital. She is under operation in the emergency department right now, in critical condition.”
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