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Chapter 128 Ruthlessness

  • I looked as Sheng Yanyan walked away. As she walked, from time to time she’d turn her head back to steal glances at me, so I had to keep up my pretence of pain. But, why was it that I was actually beginning to hurt at the areas around my stomach?
  • I had too many experiences of having jinxed myself. When I was still in school, I pretended to be sick a few times so I won’t have to go to school, but every single one of those times somehow I always managed to get myself actually sick.
  • The pain grew stronger. I steadied myself to stand up, putting both hands firmly against a solid looking tree.
  • Suddenly, I felt a wetness flow downward from the inside of my legs. I hurriedly looked down at the liquid that began to pool around my feet. The liquid was clear, not red, completely see through, and clear.
  • Did my water just broke?
  • That couldn’t be. That shouldn’t be. I should be expecting in almost a month time. Premature birth?
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