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Chapter 126 She Had Her Phone

  • I didn’t manage to go far before exhaustion overtakes me. Since, not only did I have to drag my belly with me, there was also an unwilling Sheng Yanyan, slowing me down and always trying to drag me back. It was completely obvious that she never had any intentions of leaving.
  • She couldn’t be more obvious about her real intention. After all, which abduction victim wouldn’t want to run and rather stay with their abductor when they had the perfect opportunity to run away?
  • The hill wasn’t overly tall, but it was very wide, and before long, paved roads became tracks, and tracks became narrower and narrower until I had to begin making my own way through the bushes and thickets.
  • I climbed on, dragging myself higher and higher on the hill. Sheng Yanyan was almost a textbook definition of what a burden is. If it wasn’t for her, I think I would be at the top of the hill looking downward at the highway by now.
  • But I couldn’t shake her hands off my sleeve no matter how hard I tried. She just won’t let go.
  • Exhausted and out of strength, I put my hand and supported myself against a strong looking tree, and looked back.
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