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Chapter 125 Run, Of Course

  • Idiots.
  • What kind of kidnapper abducts two people and only allows people to save one of them?
  • Before this, I still have doubts as to whether or not Sheng Yanyan was behind it after all, but now, it was as clear as day.
  • Kidnappers kidnap people for money, for profit, to make a living. It was only in the movies that kidnappers have that kind of spare time and money on their hands to play mind games with victims.
  • Sheng Yanyan stared at the phone in the man’s hand as if her life hangs on it by a thin thread. And me? No, I couldn’t care less about who Sang Qi chooses over the phone. The only thing I cared about was that if Sang Qi chose to save Sheng Yanyan now, then maybe next time I’ll actually be able to get something to eat when the man brings in the next mealbox.
  • In times like this, having food in the stomach was more important than anything else.
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