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Chapter 123 Ms. Xia?

  • The car drove fast, and rough.
  • I could swear, if the windows on this car hadn’t been closed shut throughout the entire way, I would have flown out at some point in between.
  • The car drove for a long time. Outside the window, I watched as the sky brightened as the sun rose, and darken again as the sun went down.
  • All throughout, I was in a state of unrest, between sleep and wakefulness. The man paid no attention to me whatsoever, not when I told him that I was hungry, not when I told him I was thirsty. So I had little choice but to continue sleeping, for the sake of conserving my strength.
  • He drove me to a really remote place, then stopped the car in front of an overrun garden, then got off the car and carried me into what looked like an abandoned house.
  • It was completely dark inside. The man went straight to the furthest room inside, opened the door, and threw me in.
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