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Chapter 122 Abducted Too

  • Sang Qi went outside to make phone calls, while I looked out and drank in the beautiful sight around this place.
  • He finished calling very shortly after. Coming back inside, he took my hand, “Go back with me. You know I won’t just leave you here by yourself alone.”
  • Yes, I knew that much, but I also knew that he wouldn’t cast everything aside just to stay here with me.
  • I should stop being stubborn. He already gave me four days and played this game of lovers with me. I should learn to be content with what he has already given me.
  • One good thing that came of it was that the call came before we could unpack our things, so we wouldn’t need to waste time packing them all up again.
  • I got into the car, and he buckled me up in silence. Then we left the little lodge.
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