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Chapter 121 Fast, Too Fast

  • I ate quickly, and drank just as quickly. One second there was food in front of me, one second later, not anymore.
  • Just as I was going to make another dish disappear, Sang Qi reached his chopsticks out and held mine down on the table, “The food isn't going to grow legs and run away. Slow down, you’re going to end up choking yourself!”
  • After I had my fill, I sank down into the softness of the sofa and watched Sang Qi as he ate. He ate a lot slower than usual today, as if he had all the times in the world.
  • After I had food in my belly and my head kicked back into gear, I began thinking about the immediate question at hand.
  • I asked Sang Qi, “So, how many days are you going to fool around with me?”
  • “Aren’t you going to buy that little wooden lodge of yours?” He asked me back.
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