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Chapter 114 Shadow

  • I know myself. I know I have a one track mind. And when I feel unwell in my heart, I couldn’t bear to eat anything no matter how hungry I am.
  • I must let Sang Qi know about this. He was such a proud and confident man. He would never stand to see his own mother being treated this way, abused by First Mrs. Sang and ignored by his father.
  • When I heard the sound of the door opening from next door, I dashed to the door and pulled it open. As I thought, it was Sang Qi, back from his day’s work. He looked at me with a surprised look on his face, about to head inside his room.
  • He likely saw what was on my face, and he stopped all actions and froze on the spot, “What happened to your face?”
  • My skin was rather sensitive, and it usually takes a long time for wounds to go away, wounds or bruises.
  • And I intentionally let it be, so that I could show it to Sang Qi.
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