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Chapter 113 For My Sake

  • It was Mrs. Sang who came to my aid. She must have known that I had been freezing out there for over an hour, before being stuck here with First Mrs. Sang’s lecturings.
  • I can see that, and so can First Mrs. Sang.
  • And so, First Mrs. Sang never even spared an eye for the box in Mrs. Sang’s hands, and retorted back directly, “Qin Qing, I am in the middle of disciplining my own daughter-in-law. Whatever business you might have will have to wait.”
  • I gave Mrs. Sang an eye, signaling to her in silence and telling her to leave me be. There was no need for her to get involved, it was enough that I alone need to suffer her attitude. If she got involved for my sake and had to suffer through the same thing I had to, I’d feel bad.
  • Unfortunately, First Mrs. Sang also saw me making a pass at Mrs. Sang with my eyes. She slapped down on the armrest of her sofa, and demanded, “Xia Zhi, what do you think you are doing?”
  • "Nothing. My eyes were just twitching.” I said in reply.
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