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Chapter 112 Catching A Cold

  • It was as if something exploded inside my head, completely unexpectedly, and left my mind completely unable to respond.
  • Deep down, in my subconsciousness, I knew that this time I was really in trouble. The First Mrs. Sang had never liked me since the beginning, she had been ignoring my for days in fact, but for all this time, she was never able to do anything to me despite how much she disliked me, since she had no leverage in me.
  • But now, with Ho Cong’s mother coming in and making a scene, she finally did, and I’m sure she’d capitalize on that as much as she could.
  • First Mrs. Sang pointed a finger at Ho Cong’s mother, lying sprawled on the floor and refusing to get up, “Who is this woman?”
  • “I don’t know her.” I said.
  • Ho Cong’s mother was crying her lungs out on the floor, but when she heard me, she immediately got up, the tears in her eyes gone, “What do you mean by that Xia Zhi? What do you mean you don’t know me!?”
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