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Chapter 111 Your Mother Came

  • It was blown into quite a big news, the fact that Ho Cong went bankrupt and in debt, so big that one of my old friends who also knew Ho Cong called me up, “Xia Zhi, why is Ho Cong going around borrowing money everywhere like crazy?”
  • After what happened between Ho Cong and I went official and public, all of my friends who knew Ho Cong, and have at least half a heart, all took my side and kept their distance from Ho Cong.
  • “He lost some money, doing business.” I was in the middle of a fight with a piece of beef jerky, trying to rip it apart with my teeth, “What, don’t tell me that you took pity and lent him money did you?”
  • “What am I, crazy? Why would I waste my time and money like that? If I had that kind of money, I’d have used it to pay off my mortgage sooner instead. Did you know? I saw him at a party just the other day, he had a woman with him, and her eyes looked like they had so many plastic surgeries that her eyeballs themselves might as well be completely artificial.”
  • “Really? Why has no one told me that before?”
  • “We’re all afraid that it might make you sad.”
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