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Chapter 110 Backbite of Karma

  • In a corner of the dining hall, Sang Qi and I each have a cup of water in our hands. I raised my cup at him, downed its contents in one gulp, then dunked the cup upside down on my head, showing him that I’ve finished it.
  • That made him chuckle, “You think you’re taking a shot of vodka?”
  • Then with the cup in my hand, I began making my way back upstairs. I liked this cup. Not this type of cups, but this specific cup. It was an obsession of mine, that after I used something, I’ll keep on using it for as long as I have it. I don’t swap or buy new things often.
  • Gu Yuu said that it means I have a very persistent personality, stubborn even, and that once I fell in love with a man I would never change for the rest of my life.
  • That’s why, now I can say for certain that I never loved Ho Cong, because rather than hating him, he was quite literally no different than nothing in my heart.
  • As I walked past Sang Qi, I felt as if he had something he wanted to say.
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