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Chapter 109 Unknown And Unappreciated Hero

  • In the evening, I came back to the Sang Household with Sang Shixi. It was quiet inside, and when we came in, there was Ho Xiengu, sitting together quietly together with First Mrs. Sang on the dinner table in the dining hall.
  • Unsurprisingly, Sang Qi weren’t home yet. Since Sang Shixi and I already had dinner outside, after greeting them briefly after we came inside, we turned to head upstairs back to our room.
  • As we did, Ho Xiengu’s voice sounded behind me, “Dear sister-in-law, we missed you last night, where might you have been?”
  • “Wherever I had been, it was with your dear brother-in-law. Why do you care where I was?”
  • “What happened?” First Mrs. Sang inquisited.
  • “I brought Xia Zhi to a private gathering last night. She fell ill, so we stayed a night at the hospital and had the doctors make sure that she was alright.” Sang Shixi answered on my behalf.
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