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Chapter 107 Detective Holmes

  • When I rushed to Sheng Yanyan’s ward again, Sang Qi was there already.
  • He stood by Sheng Yanyan’s bedside, and his expression was dark.
  • Sheng Yanyan was lying on the bed again, seemingly limp and out of strength. The two sides of her face were reddened and swollen, with a vivid palmprint.
  • Sang Qi almost raged as he yelled at her nurse, “Can’t you even do your job properly and look after one single person without screwing up?”
  • Sheng Yanyan’s nurse was frightened out of her wits, “I just... I just went to the toilet for a few minutes, I didn’t know... how it all happened... how it’s possible...”
  • The nurse really was rather innocent. The only thing she did was that she took a quick toilet break. Besides, Sheng Yanyan was a fully grown adult already, who would have known that she’d be that much trouble to look after?
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