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Chapter 104 Accident

  • After the private gathering, a few groups of people who knew each other better formed and headed for the night club. Be you rich folks and commoners, hot chicks and hot studs are universally welcomed.
  • I was curious why Sang Qi didn’t go. Quite a number of people that went with Sang Shixi are also Sang Qi’s friends.
  • He probably had to go look after Sheng Yanyan. She looked so frail that it seemed like she’d blown away with just a little breeze.
  • As for me, I was much more sturdy than her. Car crash, brick smash, anesthetic allergy... a few days of sleep and I was up and about again.
  • Men don’t treasure women my type.
  • Honestly speaking, I felt a lot more at ease with Sang Shixi gone.
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