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Chapter 103 Sheng Yanyan In Your House

  • I felt downcast and dejected, and Sang Shixi, who had been silent since we got onto the car, actually tried to comfort me, “You had to face this, sooner or later. This is inevitable.”
  • He was right. The sooner I crash and burn, the sooner I can die and be reborn anew.
  • If this had happened until after the child was born, it’d hurt my mother even more.
  • My mother didn’t stay the night in this city. Before they left, my aunt gave me a call, but my mother still refused to speak to me.
  • My aunt said that my mother’s was relatively calm, and that she’ll contact me again when my mother’s anger passed.
  • I asked my aunt to take care of my mother, and that if my mother wanted to hit me, be a good punching bag and take a few hits for me.
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