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Chapter 102 I Hurt Her

  • When Sang Shixi and I arrived at the hotel, my mother and my aunt were eagerly waiting for our arrival.
  • I knew just how much shock my current state and Sang Shixi would bring her.
  • I’ve always been a good daughter to her. Since I was little, I had always lived up to her expectations and she never had to worry excessively about me. But now, I couldn’t say that of myself anymore.
  • She had been worried about me ever since that lunch gathering at Ho Cong’s place. Since that day, my mother called my phone from time to time, checking up on me and trying to pick up hints as to what was really going on, but for all this time I had kept my lips tight about it.
  • Back then, I thought I could simply give birth to the child, then simply pretend that this had never happened in my life and move on. But, looking back now, it was clear that this was simply impossible right from the beginning.
  • I booked the hotel for my mother. A luxury suite. Now, I have the power to give her any materialistic enjoyments a person could think of, but as I have found, I’ve lost the ability to give her the peace in her heart.
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