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Chapter 100 I Was The One Who Kissed Him

  • I didn’t have time to figure out the look that flashed across his eyes, whether it was his anger towards me or his disappointment in me.
  • Because the door suddenly started making banging sounds. Loud banging sounds.
  • I raised one of my eyebrows at Sang Qi, “See, here comes the people to catch us red handed.”
  • I was about to go open the door, but Sang Qi grabbed me by the wrist and stopped me.
  • I looked back at him, puzzled, he had a playfully cruel smile on his face, “Which pair of dirty cheating couple ever answer the door immediately as if they’re waiting for people to catch them?”
  • “Oh, you’re absolutely right!” I nodded my approval, “Then should we take our clothes off and pretend that we were halfway through putting them on?”
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