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Chapter 9

  • I fetched some books and placed it in the table I was sitting. I wonder how Brother Maxillary and Brother Maxwell were doing with their classes? I also have my classes but it was cancelled for now because I am still ‘recovering’ from slipping in the snow and it would take me one whole week to recover fully from like what the doctor said, I believe.
  • Since Dad and Brothers left my room a while ago, they have not visited me. Did they already forgot me again? Am I being wishful thinking that by just saying ‘I love you’s’ with them would fix this family’s distant relationship? Or am I the only one that was really distant from them?
  • They get along with each other just fine and I am always the only one who was on one corner alone.
  • Ha. I think I need to start changing from the inside of this house. From the relationship with my family to the servants and knights of this household. I need to earn everyone’s love and trust.
  • “Oh. Look who is here.” I heard a chuckle from behind, a mocking one. When I turned around, I saw Count Efran and Count Jaime. Two of the vassals who wants to dethrone my father so much in the past. In the end, Brother Millian have found out their warehouse full of jewels that their whole family stole all these generations from the Ducal House of Zachrono.
  • Count Efren has brown hair and looks older than Dad, same as Count Jaime whose hair is bronze.
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