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Chapter 13

  • After breakfast, I tried to search for my brothers but they were nowhere to find inside the Castle, and also Dad. I have an idea to where they are but I did not want to expect it to be this early. I want to stop Dad from punishing them that was why I was trying to search for them to stick around with one of them so I would know when will Dad plans to punish them.
  • Knowing Dad, he was not easy on giving out punishments and truthfully, I cried of no one’s fault. I just want them to stop making things with my cheeks but I think, I went overboard for crying too much that I needed to soak my eyes with ice to lessen the swollen spot.
  • Huh. Now I know, being a normal kid is a headache. I wonder how would it go for spoiled brats? From now on, I need to think many times before I act so this matter would not happen again.
  • I went back to my room, just exactly when Kathelina and the other maids also arrived with my midday snack from the kitchen.
  • “Kath. Let’s go to the training ground.” I invited her after they put everything down. She looked at me and gave me a half-smile.
  • “Milady, it is not good for you to be outside in this weather.” She reasoned out even I have already found out, she was trying to persuade me not to see my brothers.
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