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Chapter 15

  • AFTER their punishment, the knights, the servants on the training ground and the Duke and his family had a picnic, they all shared the snacks brought by Kathelina and the other maids.
  • Some knights gathered in the picnic blanket of the Duke to watch their cute and adorable Young Lady as her cheeks puffs whenever she chews. The eyes of the Knights were shining. Their eyes almost shaped and changed into a heart. They looked at Maxine with dreamy eyes as if they were looking at a little angel.
  • They all surrounded Maxine who was unconscious on what was happening around her, only to be indulged in eating sweet snacks infront of her with a smile on her face.
  • The Knights did not noticed the fiery stares of the father and sons that they were giving off behind the flock. Moreover, when the Knights covered their little sister and adorable daughter with their ugly broad backs. The bread they were holding were all crumpled and almost turn into pieces because of how hard they gripped but the Knights really seem not to notice the warning and were too focused with admiring the child.
  • Was their Miss always like this?
  • “If my daughters were just half of Lady’s cuteness, I would never leave the house.” The Knight who have grown up daughters told his co-Knight.
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