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Chapter 35

  • "Ah! Come with me to the market, Kath." I smiled lively and held her hand.
  • "I will go with you!" I heard Maxwell shouted and popped up beside us. I had goosebumps because of him!
  • "Huh...?" Kath and I asked in unison. He will go with us? On the market? He only usually spend his time in armory shops because like he reasoned out in my past, 'Going to market is so troublesome for me to take.'
  • Did his preferences also changed?
  • "I will also tag along but do not be mistaken, I will only guard you and buy stuff that will catch my interest on the way." Maxillary who got here reasoned out with a serious face without looking at us.
  • I put my hand on my mouth when he pouted and I saw how red his ears were. Brother Maxillary was sure cute too.
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