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Chapter 12

  • “Brother Lein! You cheater! We will report you to Dad!” Maxwell shouted like a kid who lost his favorite toy. He ran off of the dining room… just to protest to Dad.
  • While on the other hand, Maxillary grabbed my hand and tried to take me away from Brother Lein who was hugging me right now. Maxlein did not even faltered.
  • “Brother Lein! I got her first! Let go!” Maxillary shouted angrily while pulling me on the shoulder. I feel like crying because I could not get off from my older brother’s hug and the way Maxillary was pulling me with force.
  • “Hmm..” was the only sound I heard from Lein. Why did I imagine him with his eyes closed while rubbing his cheek on mine as if he was savoring the moment? was that really normal?
  • My cheek hurts and now, both my arm and shoulder hurts too. I really want to say something to stop them from tugging me but I could not because of Brother Lein.
  • ‘Kath! Kath! I need you…! I need help please!’ I screamed internally in my mind.
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