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Chapter 51

  • She looked at Grenchant who was arguing with Maxwell while Maxillary was looking at her intently. She gave him a smile when she to met her brother's scrutinizing eyes.
  • His face quickly beamed and his ears became red, suddenly forgetting about his sister’s confusing acts.
  • 'Cute.' Maxine thought.
  • Maxillary did not saved Drenschville this time. It was such a shame to bring him along for nothing and Maxwell and Grent at that.
  • Maxineirah looked at Grenchant when she thought of something useful of him.
  • "Gre-" uh-oh she almost called him by his name when Grenchant was still not even introducing his self and calling him without formality at that. She swallowed the lump on her throat.
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