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Chapter 70

  • "Fortunately, Dad warned whoever the punishers not to strike our face. It is our valuable asset, you know." Maxillary said grinning as he tugged his brother's hair that was covering the half of his face to the side.
  • Maxillary could now clearly see Maxwell's pale face as he started to pant.
  • "There is no doubt that you will end up in this state. I apologize for not taking care of you, Brother." Maxillary said sarcastically as he remembered what their older Brother Amo told him when they were in Maxlein's room.
  • Maxillary was delighted on his brother's punishment and taking Maxwell's silence for granted.
  • They had been used in cruelties and extremities that such things already became normal to them as normal as they breathe, just like drinking poisons as if they were just drinking water and medicine, and being beaten as if they were just taking a hot bath.
  • Right after the three Ducal Houses were established, the three families had became known as monsters of the Empire. Used in committing hideous acts behind their beautiful facades, their atrocities had grown and still growing that they had become psychos to everyone's eyes.
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