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Chapter 29

  • I went back inside of the room and after moments of patiently waiting, my father arrived instead of Madame Creld.
  • "Papa!" I shouted happily and run off to him. He immediately stepped forward to greet me too.
  • "Do not run!" he warned but it was too late because my foot got tangled with my other foot. Before I could even meet the ground, my father as fast reached my place and caught me and aided me.
  • He picked me up before I completely meet the ground and lifted me unto his level before staring at me.
  • "I told you, not to run. Did not I?" he asked coldly but still, I could sense the warmth between those lines. I just gave him a big smile.
  • "But you already caught me, Dad. That is fantastic!" I reasoned out that lifted up his spirit a little before letting out a sigh.
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