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Chapter 25

  • The Knight was only smiling at Brother Lein that made us think that he was a creep. Was he still happy after Lein pulled his hair? What was there to smile about?
  • "No, h-he is just..." I stuttered and did not know what to reply. I looked at the Knight to tell him with my stares not to say anything and I would let him pass but I should not have expected that he would listen to me.
  • "I just want to see Milady's legs." the Knight said bluntly. I did not know if he still has his sane to him and should I pity him or curse him. Looks like my brothers really misunderstood what the man had said because their eyed widened and mouths gaped in shock.
  • My brothers went between the Knight and me, raised there arms and blocked me from the young man infront of me. Why do I feel that this Knight was really a monster on their eyes the way they blocked him? Should I be happy or take it as a problem?
  • But if I would think about the reason he gave to my brothers, the use of his words would really create misunderstandings to children like my brothers who have different minds.
  • I slapped my forehead. How did we end up on this situation?
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