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Chapter 56

  • How could Maximillian forget the feeling? He wants to shred up the women apart. He was mad. Fuming mad.
  • He opened the caged and the two prisoners scurried back to the corners even if they do not have any space to scurry anymore.
  • Countess Stefna and Countess Clawsful went on the opposite corners of the prison.
  • "I will leave that two witch in your hands." Duke Maximus told his son and started walking through the door while the Countesses were screaming for mercy.
  • Maximillian heard the door locked from the outside as he started approaching Countess Clawsful's way first.
  • Maximillian harshly grabbed the half-paralyzed Clawsful's jaws that made the Countess unable to shout anymore. On the other hand, Stefna used that opportunity to break out in jail and reached for the door.
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