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Chapter 12

  • "Seriously, I don't know if this is what I should be feeling right now or if my heart should be thumping at the saying that you love me," Jane said scratching her scattered her. "Is this the feeling of being wanted by someone? What exactly is this feeling?" Jane proceeded in asking.
  • She was about to explain her next statement but she lost word for it as Noah's lips covered her whole mouth again. Her eyes were left wide open as watery substance dripped from them. she couldn't dictate if they were tears of happiness or sadness. She wasn't going to think of anything right now! She was going to enjoy this moment while it lasted.
  • Noah gently pulled away, He stared at her eyes down to her lips before placing a soft kiss on them.
  • "In all my life. I never believed I'd find someone like you, I smile every time I see you or think about you! As hard as I try, mere words aren't enough to express how much I feel about you. I just want you to know that you're the most important person to me now and always." Noah said staring deeply at Jane as she hugged him tightly.
  • "I love you, sir, Noah," Jane mumbled quietly in between a hug.
  • "I can't hear you?" Noah whispered close to her ear. "Maybe a little louder would do." Noah teased.
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