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Chapter 13

  • It has been the 3rd week since my relationship with Noah. To be sincere it had been the best of best, everything about me became brighter again! I no longer feel the way I felt before, I mean heartbroken. Noah was always there for me anytime I needed him despite the hiding from Marcus and Mary most especially.
  • We both have a usual day when we meet but Noah had sent a written message to me through his most trusted guard. The message had said he needed to meet me urgently! Firstly, I had thought Marcus had finally found out about everything and that was the reason Noah needed to meet urgently but the last written message indicated that he still missed me so much, I doubt Marcus must have found out.
  • I knew I couldn't smell nice or apply some little makeup but I decided to give myself a nice bath. Immediately I was done! I rushed to our usual place but it seems I had gotten there too early, I stood close to the river as the cool breeze blew massive air to my uncovered skin. I stood there for 7minutes! blankly thinking of the only man who I love right now, every time I think about Noah and I being in relationships! It always felts like a dream.
  • I was brought back from the little tickling, which made me move a little and blush. I knew the exact person who does that, Noah? "Noah you seriously startled me," I said with a little frown. "Why would you be startled, Jane? I mean I am the only one who does that to you or is there, someone, apart from me?" Noah asked.
  • "What do you mean by someone apart from you? You know you are the only one." I said. "I miss you that was why I must have said that," Noah said. "Why did you move some inches away? I need a hug." Noah said expanding his arms for a hug.
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