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Chapter 27 Dream of Tragedy

  • I was back in my room, at the town of Emberton. Sweating profusely, I felt like my body was burning up. Was that really one of those nightmares? It's so strange. I don't even recognize them, the people inside my head.   
  • There was smoke covering the room. I can smell something burning. I looked around and saw that the room was dark, really dark that I couldn't see a thing. I can only feel the soft, warm sheets beneath me.   
  • I let out a cough; the smell of smoke suffocates my lungs. I tried to touch my surroundings, hoping I would get a hold of something useful, like a lamp.   
  • “Where is the lamp when you need it?” I mumble to myself before getting up from my bed.   
  • As soon as my bare feet touched the floor, I walked towards the window. Why is it so hot in here? I scanned the surroundings and pressed my hand against the wall. I opened the window and let the cool air in. The ghastly smell was slowly fading. Thank god.   
  • I looked up at the sky and saw the bright moon. My arms wrapped around my body when I shivered because of the cold wind. It’s snowing outside.   
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