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Chapter 24 Strange Noises

  • It's a bright and snowy morning but I feel horrible. I put both of my hands on the side of the sink, breathing heavily. The vomiting would not stop. I often feel lightheaded even when I just rested all day.  
  • Ambrose said that I'll feel better if I take the pills and rest. So I did that in the past few days yet I haven't felt any better.  
  • I stared at the tray of food on my bedside table. I have no appetite but then if I don’t eat, my body will be weak. So I have no choice but to grab the tray and start eating. I have to stay alive if I want to recover my memories.   
  • There’s still a part of me that believes that I can remember and that I’ll get through this. Once I remember, maybe I can leave the castle for good.  
  • “Yes, that’s the plan right?” I mumbled to myself as I got up the bed.  
  • After taking my breakfast, I pulled the drawer of my bedside table and stared at the pill bottle lying there. I grab the bottle and pop one pill inside my mouth. I need to at least try before I die.  
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