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Chapter 34 Reborn

  • Days passed by in a blur. Even my sight is blurry, like everything is in motion. My head is spinning like crazy and the vampire blood isn't helping at all. I winced in pain when I tried to remove the shreds of dead skin on my dry, cracked lips. I’ve been drinking vampire blood for almost a week now. It made my skin crawl, my throat parched and my eyesight blurry. It's like I'm being tortured before my death. My body has grown skinnier.  
  • “Your bath is ready, my lady.” Said Lilana, she's a servant here in the castle and she doesn't really talk that much. I figured she will only speak when she's being asked or when you give her an order.  
  • The weather was as usual, cold and damped which is why a warm bath is just perfect. Lilana escorted me towards the bathroom. I held her arm for support because of my poor eyesight. It was like that for the next few days. I've grown used to the cycle.   
  • Until one evening, I couldn't open my eyes. The temperature of my body decreased, I could no longer feel my fingers. It was as if I was in a trace of paralysis. My heart slowly lost its pace. Then I was pulled into a bottomless pit of shadows.  
  • “Feyre,” A voice purred in my ear, lips gently brushing on my neck.  
  • A soft moan erupted; I noticed it came from my mouth. I was gasping for air, impatiently waiting for his cold touch against my heated skin. I grew more and more anxious as his sharp fangs grazed my shoulder. My palm caressed his chest, gripping the thin, white cloth he wears.  
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