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Chapter 42 Lakehouse

  • “So where do you want to go next?” He asked, staring at me with his pretty emeralds. 
  • I pressed my lip, “Hm, I don’t know. Since we went to my favorite place, maybe we can go to your favorite place. Do you have a favorite place?” 
  • “Should we go to my lakehouse?” 
  • My eyes widened, “You have a lakehouse?” 
  • He nodded, “I do, it was a gift from my father when I was little. Vienna and Damon used to accompany me here during the summer. Vee would lie to my father telling him that we’ll be training by the lake but we’ll most likely be bathing.” He chuckled to himself. 
  • His grin made me smile as well. “Well, then let’s go now so we can return before dawn.”  
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