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Chapter 37 Hiroshi Gakure #Part 2

  • Date: Æ1254 27, 6
  • The sunrises in the sky. Hiroshi Gakure is waking up in his bed as he sees his son walking around the house. Their house has a small room inside with a double bed. 
  • His wife is on his right side sleeping on his right arm. His son a little boy hugs his little pillow tightly as he lies down on the ground-hugging his pillow. 
  • Hiroshi Gakure slowly goes up and leaned on the wall behind him as he watches his son hug the pillow and smile. 
  • The little boy seed Hiroshi Gakure looking at him and smiling at him, he laughs as his son ignored him and turned around. Hiroshi Gakure closes his eyes and quickly falls asleep. 
  • His wife Yuna wakes up and sees Hiroshi Gakure falls asleep. She looked around for her son around her. She goes up and sees her son on the left side of Hiroshi Gakure on the floor playing with his pillow and hugging it.
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