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Chapter 36 The Power of a Real Shira Swordsman

  • Date: Æ1289 23, 3
  • The day is close to the afternoon. Monoke Gakure, Shikari Gakure, and Hiroshi Gakure are standing in a defensive position as they pointed their swords straight. 
  • The Glitch mob pointed his small glitch staff right at them signaling to attack. Shikari Gakure runs leaving Monoke Gakure and Hiroshi Gakure behind.
  • Hiroshi Gakure also runs after a couple of seconds as he charges right at the glitch mobs. Shikari Gakure's left eye is slowly turning white. His sword is already glowing as he charges right at the Glitch mobs. 
  • Shikari Gakure sees that there's a Glitch mob charging right at him with a glitch dagger holding with the Glitch Mob, they both swing their swords colliding with each other.
  • As their swords collided they both quickly step back and swing left and right. Their swords collided as they swing making a great impact. The ground is cracking as they fight. Monoke Gakure charges right at the glitch mob who is holding a small glitch staff.
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