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Chapter 22 The Kingdom and the Traitor

  • Date: Æ1289 19, 3
  • Shikari Gakure, Monoke Gakure, and Rikezi are walking on a straight path. They're walking in a brick path and a post lights every side of them every meter. 
  • "It's going down hmm I can't believe this place it's been a long time since I see this kind of thing that is exposed outside," Rikezi said. 
  • "I think like is the most talkative of us," Monoke Gakure said. "Huh!?" Rikezi said as they looked in front of them and their eyes are widen. 
  • They stopped for a moment seeing the kingdom in the distance surrounded by water and a lot of ships sailing around.
  • "There's a whole castle in the middle what?!" Rikezi said in a surprising tone. Suddenly there's a knight attacked them with more knights surrounding them. Shikari Gakure pulled out his sword and swing it towards the sword of the knight that coming toward him, he cut the knight's sword making him kneel and unhold his sword.
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