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Chapter 27 The New Kingdom

  • Date: Æ1289 21, 3
  • The Sun is rising. Gakushin Gakure is walking on a straight path towards the Kingdom. Suddenly he hears footsteps coming from his behind. 
  • He continues to walk and he sees 2 soldiers running back toward the Kingdom. Someone taps him on his shoulder. He turns around. 
  • "What are you doing here?" Gakushin Gakure said as he sees Trixie and Miki both wearing a hood.
  • "We're here to help not to get into any trouble," Trixie answered. "Let's go with the guards they might not notice us if we keep walking," Miki said as Gakushin Gakure lead the way as they walk. 
  • "We're splitting when we got inside, remember don't die!" Gakushin Gakure said as Trixie and Miki are getting goosebumps. They looking at the giant Kingdom in front of them. Seeing the main castle in the far distance and the docks outside the kingdom to its right. 
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