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Chapter 28 The Mighty Defenders and Kurosaki One of the Scythe Users

  • Date: Æ1289 21, 3
  • Middle of the day. The 3 Greats, Agatsuma Hit, Katrina, and Stuyuri Shi reached the front side of the castle, they see broken thick walls and broken down doors that were slashed and got crushed by the thick walls.
  • "Well it looks like there's nothing to explore by now, it's well destroyed," Katrina said as she looked in front of her at the broken castle that have fallen. 
  • "I destroyed the castle, it's not that kind of a big deal, I trained myself for ten years destroying 275 feet of trees every day, probably more than that," Ria Koruwe said as she stopped walking behind them. 
  • Tsuyuri Shi slowly moves to his left, he sees the mark of a Queen crushed by a big rock. "Agatsuma Hit! I believe this is the Queen," Stuyuri Shi as he shouts at Agatsuma Hit that behind him. 
  • Agatsuma Hit slowly begins to walk towards Stuyuri Shi and sees to his left half of the body of the Queen.
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