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Chapter 45 The Rise of the Far Dangerous Undeads in the North

  • Date: Æ1289 24, 3
  • The sun is shining brightly up in the sky. It's afternoon. In the east, Leo is walking back to the capital as he walks past some of the workers of the capital holding some documents with them and paper works.
  • He sees the Tea making machine on his left and gets a coin in his pocket as he walks towards the Tea making machine. In the heads underground facility the heads. 
  • A messenger soldier is walking into the room of the heads as his sweat dripped and his hands are trembling as he slowly opened the door.
  • He walked in and sees the other heads and Senn and Professor Dinger. "Shimodo Rou, and the other heads I've got an important message from the medical center..." The messenger soldier said as he walked into the room and closes the door behind him. 
  • "Let's wait for the generals and say everything when they got here," Shimodo Rou said as he looked at the messenger soldier who step aside and nodded and leaned on the wall.
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