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Chapter 30 The Kingdom of Land and Sand and the Heads

  • Date: Æ1289 22, 3
  • Almost the middle of the day. 
  • In the east. Shikari Gakure and Monoke Gakure are escorting Tarashika the councilor of the kingdom of land and sand. 
  • "I was expecting better from this," Tarashika said to Shikari Gakure on her right. "The village is prosperous it's just like a normal village," Shikari Gakure said as they continued. Shikari Gakure and Monoke Gakure are walking except for Tarashika who is riding a horse. 
  • "Have you two heard about the glitch mobs returned and the exiled clan?" Tarashika asked as she looked around the village around her that has a big house and people walking with their kids and children who are playing jumping and running.
  • "The west take care of the exiled clan, he is Himura Kiri from the west a paper Shira swordsman," Monoke Gakure answered. "Well, then how about the glitch mobs?" Tarashika stopped for a second as she looked at the far distance seeing the capital.
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