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Chapter 46 The Ninjas of the Unknown Village and the Rise of the Mutated Undeads of the North

  • Date: Æ1289 24, 3
  • It's nearly night as in the north dark portals started to show up slowly as the undead or zombies inside the north started to mutate as a scientist started to turn into undead. 
  • The Dark Shira Swordsmans are slowly letting some of the perfected mutated zombies outside the barrier as some of the Shira Swordsmens controlled the barrier from outside to control the dark fog.
  • In the dark dimension. A whole army is marching out towards a dark portal towards the north where more portals are opening around it as they continued to march. 
  • The dark realm is starting to move out into the world to conquer the earth. The dark God is slowly standing upon his throne as he stretches and smiles as he has his dark crown lightning up in his head as dark particles more around his crown.
  • In the north. Nestoris and Kishu are watching outside as they looked up in front of them and see the big barrier full of dark fog inside.
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