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Chapter 18 The Dark Shira's and the Death of the Armies of the West

  • Date: Æ1289 18, 3
  • The sun was about to set, they were standing outside the gate. The Shira's are waiting for more other Shira's of the village before going to attack.
  • "I'm a former Shira Swordsmen, aloud I introduce myself, my name is Teramoto Judikishi," the Shira swordsmen speak in a low speech.
  • He slowly walks towards the Dark Shira swordsmen with another red aura swordsmen with the monster on there's side.
  • "I'm a swordsman from the west, I'm a friend of Shikari Gakure in the east, my name is Rikezi," he said as he drew his sword.
  • The Dark Shira Swordsmens started charging toward them slowly. The red aura swordsmen deploy some undeads and Dark mobs as they slowly come towards. 
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