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Chapter 6 Wanting Him

  • The next day I was frustrated as hell, he called me last night just to talk dirty to me.
  • "Morning Gary." I strutted to my office, trying to spend my morning in peace. My espresso was already on my desk, I opened my balcony door and welcome the cold breeze of the morning air to filled my lungs. I sat back on my chair and started lighting my first cigarette of the day.
  • The morning slowly became afternoon, then the evening came as I started packing up my stuff. Francois entered my office, he was looking at me questioning me. "You looked different, is everything okay?" He slipped his arms around my waist and started kissing the back of my neck. I relaxed instantly.
  • He turned me to face him and started giving his sensual kisses. But it felt different now, I didn't feel the urge to kiss him back, to want him more.
  • Oh shit! Not good.
  • He backed away from me. "Hey Adriana, what's wrong?"
  • "Tired, I think I'm tired. I should go home, I'll see you tomorrow okay?" With that, I left him at my office.
  • Arriving at my apartment, I was greeted by a bouquet of assorted flowers and a box of chocolates.
  • "Kamaria! There are flowers and chocolates for you." I picked them up and put them on the kitchen island. She got out of her room and smiled at me.
  • "Oh, it's beautiful Adriana! Wait... These are for you, from Alexander? Wow, he actually does like you. He was asking me about you that night. Oh, Adriana, this is so great! Cause this guy I actually like. Not like Francois, that you keep on nibbling at the office...."
  • Again she was babbling on about how Alexander was asking about my personal life. He even got my assorted cream-filled chocolate that I adored.
  • "Wait you know about Francois?"
  • "Everyone knew sis! I mean if he really likes you, he should put more effort into wooing you not just straight to having the sex without the relationship thing. Sorry Adriana, but if that's enough for Francois then maybe he's really not that into you. I'd say he lacked certain kind of oomph, in his effort." She winked at me knowingly.
  • Damn it! She sees right through me.
  • "Hey, he's picking you up in half an hour. You better go get ready Adriana. Good luck sis!" I didn't see it. But she was still reading his card, which I quickly grab from her, making her laughed.
  • My beautiful Adriana, I don't know about the flowers but I do know about the chocolates. I'll be picking you up at seven. Dress casually, we will be having dinner.
  • Alexander.
  • There was no question mark. He was sure that I would go out with him. Fucking hell! Because he's damn right I would.
  • I decided to take a quick shower then dressed in my casual date dress and put on my favorite casual heels. I was styling my hair and my make up when my phone buzzed, It was Alexander. I quickly took my purse and opened the door.
  • He didn't say anything, he just grabbed me and molested my lips until it was swollen and I was melting in his arm. He was groaning, I was moaning. Then he abruptly let me go.
  • Damn him!
  • "Evening Adriana." He stroked my swollen lips with his thumb, I was looking at his handsome face, didn't know what to say.
  • "So, let's go then." I just nodded and locked up. Kami was studying in her room, I already said goodbye to her as I was about to open the door for him. She just winked at me and told me to have a good time.
  • He took my hand in his and caressed my knuckles. Damn even this feels too sexual for me. I've got those goosebumps, making me pulled my cashmere cardigan tighter.
  • We parked at one of those luxurious apartment building. I looked at him accusingly. He just smiled deviously at me. "Yes Adriana, we're having dinner at my apartment. I just couldn't wait to ravish you. Your looks are too fucking edible for my taste."
  • He turned my face to him, we were in a dimly lit car park, making his gaze looked predatory. He was lowering down his face, I was closing my eyes. But then it clicked, he was unbuckling my seat belt, I blushed instantly ashamed that I was thinking that he was about to kiss me. He chuckled and get out of his car, then helping me out by opening my door.
  • I was stepping out and was about to take a forward step when he pushed my back to the car door and kissed me deeply. His hand was on my neck possessively holding on to me. I was moaning and closing my eyes feeling his intense kiss.
  • Shit! he's so fucking good at this.
  • "Adriana, you make me lose control baby. You're too beautiful to be left alone. Come, let's have dinner first." His arm draped my shoulder as we walked to the elevator, and straight to his penthouse.
  • Damn these actors do make a lot of money.
  • "Come, I already told the maid to set it up on the balcony." The night was warm, though we were quite high up, the wind was calm. We talked throughout dinner, then the conversation becomes sexier, as we got to our dessert. By that time he was feeding me dessert, and intentionally smeared it so he could lick it off of me.
  • I was a moaning mess by the time dinner ended. I was lusting over him, then he pulled my chair closer to his, and put his hand under my dress. "You have a beautiful ear, Adriana." He breathed on my neck then lick my ear, while his hand slitter under my dress. I was holding on to his chest and shoulder. He was rubbing my naked thigh up and down, sensually slow.
  • He finally found my mouth, and kissed me, deeply, full of lust. "Open your mouth for me, Adriana, I want to taste you, baby." 
  • "Now your legs baby, I want to feel you." He finally reached higher. I had been waiting for this. No, I fucking craved his touch.
  • "Sshh...patient Addie, I got you. I will make it good for you." He touched my lace panties and smirked feeling the obvious dampness. He kept on touching my panties, making me go crazy and moaning his name.
  • Damn him! I need this to happen quickly. I'm so fucking horny already.