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Chapter 21 Taking the Chance

  • I was admiring his sexy backside, while he was making us breakfast.
  • "Sis, if you keep on looking at him like that, I might retrieve back to my room and give you guys some privacy here." Kami was drinking her coffee with us while discussing her lunch meeting from yesterday afternoon.
  • "Kami baby, I'm so sorry." I blushed looking at her, while Alex started platting our breakfast.
  • "And Alex, please put your shirt on. I need my mind to work if you're taking me back to your place. I need to discuss work stuff with Kami." He chuckled and went back to my room and put on his shirt, then sit back with us for breakfast.
  • We talked some more, while I gave Kami some pointers on several of our regulars.
  • "So Gary will be arranging all of your schedules and cc'd everything to my email. And you need to start handling things with Francois, some of our regulars had a special and different taste on their babies. You will convey their wishes to Francois, you can check with Gary when he will be back from his leave." I could see Alex was clenching his jaw when I mentioned Francois. I put my hand on his knee, as I calmed him down.
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