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Chapter 28 Being Bratty

  • "I'm good babe, I'll see you later this afternoon, or whenever you're finished with Drew. I really need to prepare Kami for her meeting with one of our regulars, he can be quite difficult sometimes." I kissed his cheek and laced my arms to his shoulders.
  • "Okay, you're taking Chris with you. And go straight home from work okay." He kissed me back and inhale my scent.
  • "Yes, daddy." I scolded him for telling me to go straight home from work. But I soon realized my mistake in using the nickname, as he groaned and pushed my body flat to the wall.
  • "Princess, this is not the time. I have a meeting with a couple of movie investors in less than an hour." He put his hand on my hip, while his other hand was upon my cheek holding me possessively.
  • "Just do as I say. Can you do that for me princess?" He licked my ear and, whispered his words making me moaned. I could feel him smiling as his other hand stopped roaming my hip. He abruptly let go of me and walked out the door, leaving me all flustered and breathless from his touches. He didn't even wait for my reply. He was absolutely sure that I would do as he said.
  • Damn him!
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