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Chapter 30 Birthday Celebration

  • I woke up and he was still sleeping. I let him be, as I took my clean clothes from his drawers and went to the bathroom. Then decided to make coffee and some toast.
  • I was sipping my coffee when he got out of the bedroom looking damn sexy with his morning hair, rippled chest, and sexy covered boxers ass of his.
  • "Morning princess." He kissed my temple and pulled me close to his chest. I inhaled his manly scent and rested my cheek, as he took my coffee and drink it.
  • "Mmm... a very good morning to you too baby." I laced my arms to his naked back and sighed.
  • "So, I forgot to tell you yesterday that we are attending my father's birthday tonight. He texted me yesterday to invite you, so you have to come with me. I think he likes you." I was tense immediately, as he pulled back and looked at my face. He took my stray strand hair and put them back behind my ear, then cupped my cheek.
  • "Don't worry about mom okay? She'll come around I'm her favorite son, she just wants what's best for me. And you will get to meet my brother, that one I had to keep you away from. He likes to snatch my dates. And I love you too much to let him steal you away from me." He picked me up to the kitchen island and started kissing me.
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