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Chapter 33 Being Engaged

  • I was sleeping like a baby until I was woken up by the throbbing pain in my arm. Alex wakes up at that same moment, feeling as I stirred from his embrace.
  • "It's on your bedside table baby, here let me get it. Just stay still." He kissed my temple and got my pain meds. He helped me to sit and gave me my meds.
  • The sun shined through the curtain, making me squint my eyes.
  • "Tough I like seeing you naked, I'm going to get something for you to wear this morning. Then we're going to announce our engagement to my family."
  • He came back minutes later with some clothes his mom gave him. We took a quick shower and let him re-bandaged my wound, and I get dressed in his mom's clothes. It was bigger but doable than prancing around naked in front of his family.
  • He was looking fresh and handsome with his casual low rise jeans and shirt.
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