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Chapter 27 Written Threat

  • "We need to head out for lunch Alex. You will impregnate me with all the sex we've been having. The contraception might be too tired to fight off all your little swimmers coming their way." He laughed hard at my little explanation.
  • "Alright Addie, let's get change. The maid will be here anyway, let's give her some space to clean up." Fifteen minutes later we were in his car, trying to find a place for a quiet lunch.
  • We finally went to Barney's. I always love their food and their ambiance, I was just hoping that the paparazzi would take it easy on us this time. But Alex assured me that we were good, we got Chris driving us, he could meet us at the back and we would be shielded, so I was good with that.
  • Damn, I never knew dating a celebrity would be this difficult.
  • We ordered our lunch and talked while waiting for the food. "So, you really think I could get you pregnant from all of our vigorous fucking? Maybe we should do some more, just to make sure?" He winked at me, but he sounded serious.
  • "Alex, what are you talking about? I'm just joking, I'm not ready for babies. We're just getting started on the so-called relationship thing. You're going to scare me off again."
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