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Chapter 31 Crazy Bitch

  • "Alex, maybe we should go now." I was grasping his hand in no time. My heart was beating hard and fast. I was panicking for him, I need to keep him safe, I love him too fucking much for her to harm him again.
  • But she was already closing in, smiling deviously at us. I saw an older woman, she was walking quickly trying to catch up with her struts. While Alex's mom looked at us worried and started tugging her husband's hand frantically.
  • What the fuck is she trying to accomplish here?
  • "Liza, you should not be here. I had a restraining order against you. Go back to your mother." Alex was pulling me behind him, telling Nate to take care of me.
  • What the fuck??
  • I was looking at Nathan. "Seriously Nate? It's the crazy bitch that you should take care of, not me. She stabbed him once, or did you not heard about that?" I was arguing with Nate when Liza pulled out a small handgun from her purse and aimed it at Alex.
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